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[Weekend] Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox Are Like Two Teenagers In Music Video

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
Hannah Wigandt
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
  • Machine Gun Kelly just released the music video for his song, “Drunk Face,” in which Megan Fox once again appears.
  • Since the couple started dating their relationship has been based on frequent PDA and sappy comments about true love.
  • They are both adults, with children, and they should start acting like it.

Did you ever see a really sickly sweet, PDA-happy couple that just wouldn’t get off each other in high school? That’s what Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s “romance” reminds me of.

The singer/actor recently dropped his video for “Drunk Face,” and shocker–Megan Fox is in it. Kissing him. We know they’re together and happy, but do they really need to act like horny teenagers again and again?

Maybe they just can’t help themselves being twin flames and all.

The Video Conjures Up The Gag Reflexes

Homemade footage from the day Machine Gun Kelly’s album, “Tickets to my Downfall,” was released is the source material for the video. In classic Machine Gun Kelly fashion, the various scenes show him acting like a 20-something, not a thirty-year-old adult.

Once again Fox has her cameo  in scenes where the couple kiss (gag), board a private jet, and walk through a crowd of photographers. There’s also a scene where Fox is painting her new bae’s nails. How cute. Other than that, the video is just a montage of stupid things the celebrity does and is reminiscent of the kinds of things Tommy Lee used to do in his Motley Crue days. (Machine Gun Kelly probably got a lot from the rockstar after playing him in “The Dirt”).

The lyrics say it all.

I’m still young, wasting my youth. I’ll grow up next summer. I’m back on those drugs I quit, I kept my dealer’s number.

The video just seems like a teenager who went out and made a homemade music video with his girlfriend and is trying to become famous. It’s cringy on a new level, especially with all the gross PDA.

Machine Gun Kelly tweet 1.
The cheesy comments about love at first site are hard to believe. | Source: Twitter 

It could have been worse though. We could have gotten another dominatrix video.

Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Need To Stop Acting Like Teenagers.

From day one, the things they’ve said about each other are corny to the highest degree. Meeting and falling in love at first sight? Being “two halves of one soul?” Come on.

Even before dating, Fox thinks she was already in love with him. This is not only a publicity stunt, it’s a display of childishness. They even take mirror selfies as a teenaged couple would do.

Machine Gun Kelly tweet 2
Does this look like a healthy adult relationship? | Source: Twitter 

They are both in their 30’s and have children of their own. Is this how parents of young children should act? When the rumors about Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were just surfacing, Brian Austen Green, Fox’s now ex-husband, had this to say :

Megan and I talked about him and they’re friends at this point, and from what she’s expressed, he’s a really just nice, genuine guy. I trust her judgment. She’s always had really good judgment. I don’t want people to think that her or he are villains or I was a victim in any way with any of this — because I wasn’t. This isn’t something new for us. This is something new for people to experience and hear about in the press, but it’s not new for us.

But does that mean they can drop her kids off to Green and then go out and party? Aren’t they a little too old to be painting each other’s nails and being lovey-dovey everywhere they go? If I were either of their kids right now, I’d be more embarrassed than Apple Martin after Gwyneth Paltrow posted herself in her birthday suit.

I guess acting like a teenager will get you far in showbiz.