7 Artists Take Home Winnings In First Bitcoin Photo Contest

October 27, 2015

A chocolate image called “Sweet life. Bitcoin will be in chocolate” took first place in the first Bitcoin Photo Contest, which recently ended. The winning entry by a user named Nadin crafted bitcoin cookies to win the grand prize of €1000 in BTC which will be sent via bit4coin vouchers. Nadin and the other winners will be able to immediately redeem their vouchers for BTC at the current exchange rate.

Nadin won the contest, which drew 600 entries, by convincing four of the contest’s six jury members.

First place – bitcoin cookies

The contest, sponsored by bit4coin, launched Sept. 8, collected 7,029 likes and 0.75 BTC in tips. The top 50 entries and tips went to a six-member jury consisting of bitcoin media sites. The idea for the contest was born out of a need for more bitcoin imagery, according to Dolf Diederichsen, CEO of bit4coin.

Runner-Up Depicts Financial Slavery

Second place – Be Free

“Be Free from Financial Slavery,” a depiction of a graffiti in an underground train station bearing the text, “$LAV€R¥ – B⃦e free,” grabbed runner-up honors. The picture by Osin Akiboye Connolly convinced three of the six jurors and wins €500. “This photo captures the frustration of people in regards to fiat currency, and provides the solution: Bitcoin,” Connolly said.

Four artists tied for third place winning two jury votes each. The bit4coin team raised the prize from €250 to €400, allowing each artist to receive a prize of €100.

Third place – 36 Retro Bitcoin Logos
Third place – Bitcoin Billboard
Third place – Bitcoin Planet
Third place – Solar Bitcoin

One is a set of 36 Retro Bitcoin Logos, which are now free to use by the bitcoin community. Another is a solar bitcoin, featuring an image of a physical bitcoin in the sun. The third is a bitcoin planet called, “To the moon!” by oxiyusuf. The fourth is a bitcoin billboard of a photo of a city evening with a bitcoin poster.

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Discretionary Award Created For One Artist

4bitcoin gave a discretionary award to Alistair of South Africa for an image of a cupcake party showing his children with friends making bitcoin cupcakes. This artist left another photo showing the “making of” in the comments. This entry drew 448 likes over four weeks, which convinced the bit4coin team to create a discretionary award. This artist receives €100 in BTC.

Special Award – cupcake party
Making of cupcakes for the special award

Diederichsen said he could not be happier with the results. He thanked everyone who voted and tipped, as well as the jury members.

“While nothing is confirmed yet, we could see us running the contest again next year,” he said.

Featured image from Shutterstock and all images from the photo contest at Bit4coin.

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