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Your $60,000 Mac Pro Will Equal an Apple Store Employee’s 18-Month Salary

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:40 PM
Mark Emem
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:40 PM
  • The base price of the Mac Price is about 10% of the device when fully upgraded.
  • Apple retail store employees would have to save their entire salaries for years to afford the device.
  • The computer’s display costs just as much as the basic Mac Pro.

Apple has a loyal customer base that feverishly awaits new products. But surprise, surprise, here’s an Apple product that you are not likely to see people queuing overnight for – the new Mac Pro. When you max out the features and specs, the device will set you back by nearly $60,000. That’s about the same price as a midsize luxury car in the US.


You can still get this Mac Pro at $5,999 though. It’s adding features and enhancing the specs that drive up the price. So what are the bells and whistles that are making the new Mac Pro  highly exclusive?

The Bells and Whistles of a $60,000 Mac Pro

For starters, it’s the RAM. You can cut the price by almost half by downgrading the RAM to the bare minimum. The base price Mac Pro comes with 32GB of RAM while the top-end one is 1.5 TB. This costs $25,000, nearly half the device’s total price.

Adding the most powerful graphics card available also increases the price by $10,800. In this case, it’s two AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics card modules that each possess two GPUs inside. This results in four graphics cards, with each GPU boasting of 32GB of dedicated RAM.

Other features that drive the price up are the Apple Afterburner card which costs $2,000 as an elective add-on.

Do you want yours with wheels?

Choosing whether the stainless steel frame of the desktop comes with either feet or wheels could also mean the difference between buying a basic Apple Watch Series 5 or not. Wheels on the desktop cost an extra $400!

Mac pro

So far the costs have totaled $52,748. There’s no display. And the display lacks a stand. For the high-end Pro Display XDR  that comes with a nano-texture glass that will cost you $5,999. You also have to throw in a Pro Stand which costs $999. The full cost comes to an eye-popping $59,746.

Would Apple retail store employees afford a fully-upgraded Mac Pro?

According to online job marketplace ZipRecruiter, the national average salary at Apple retail stores  in the US is $38,708. If an Apple retail store employee decided to acquire one, they would have to devote their entire earnings for over 18 months. And that includes Mac specialists who will help you out with your pricey Mac Pro in case of problems.


For Apple retail store employees at the bottom of the salary scale, the journey to acquiring a Mac Pro is even longer. At a salary of $17,500, it would take nearly three years and five months to afford the desktop computer.

On social media the reactions, as would be expected, have been hilarious.

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With the current gloomy sentiment pervading the crypto space, Mac Pro might just replace Lamborghinis as the new status symbols for the Bitcoin crowd!