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5 Things Tesla Investors Will Love After Elon Musk’s Malibu Cybertruck Excursion

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
Mark Emem
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
  • Outside of launch day, last weekend was the first time Tesla’s Cybertruck was spotted in the streets.
  • A few of the electric truck’s features have changed as Tesla strives to make it road legal.
  • Even in the wealthy Malibu, Calif. area, Elon Musk’s stunt succeeded in grabbing eyeballs.

From the moment it was unveiled, Tesla’s Cybertruck was polarizing – it evoked either feelings of hate or love. But Tesla investors will surely love what transpired over the weekend after Elon Musk took the electric truck out for a drive.

If not for anything else, investors will surely salivate at the number of eyeballs that were likely converted into pre-orders as the Tesla CEO paraded the Cybertruck in the streets and social haunts.

Here are five reasons why Tesla investors will surely love the Musk’s stunt over the weekend:

Tesla Cybertruck is on the way to becoming road legal

Immediately after the unveiling of the Cybertruck, questions were raised over whether the electric truck was road legal . Some of the concerns included the fact that the truck lacked side mirrors.

Additionally, the Cybertruck had a single strip of lights at the front serving as headlights. In the various videos and images of the truck that Musk was seen driving, the headlights are now more regular.

Cybertruck’s headlights are now closer to regular | Source: YouTube

As for the side mirrors, Tesla will probably wait for the U.S. government to approve the use of rear-looking cameras rather than adding mirrors. This prospect is already a high possibility. Earlier this year, U.S. road regulators started conducting tests on such mirror-replacing cameras . By the time the Cybertruck comes out for the general public, this could be a reality.

Concept car no more

At its unveiling last month, doomsayers trashed the Cybertruck as just a concept car. But Musk taking the beast out for a drive over the weekend showed that this is no longer the case. Not only did the truck take to the roads, but its utility value was on display ferrying people comfortably in two rows.

With the stunt Elon Musk pulled over the weekend, the only bewildering and unfortunate thing is that the electric truck will only be released to the market in 2021. That’s too long a wait.

Word-of-mouth on steroids

Tesla has long had a tradition of not spending any money on advertising its cars. The electric car maker has instead relied on making products that sell by word of mouth. This is unlikely to change with the Cybertruck.

From the attention it attracted on the streets and social media, this no-ad strategy is going to continue. This means that the money saved can continue to be passed onto consumers or plowed back into the company. An absolute win-win for investors!

Cybertruck pre-orders are set for a bump

On Musk’s night out over the weekend, the Tesla CEO made sure to park the electric beast in a strategic location where no one could fail to miss it. Despite being in a somewhat exclusive location, the electric vehicle did not fail to attract curious onlookers. The viral-ready polygonal design will no doubt continue to attract attention and pique interest. Consequently, pre-orders could continue to go up.

As of Nov. 27, Musk revealed that 250,000 pre-orders of the Cybertruck had been made. With a pre-order requiring a $100 deposit, that’s $25 million that Tesla now has in the bank.

Elon Musk
Source: Twitter 

If you are looking for the next Steve Jobs, he is probably at Tesla

Just like the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Elon Musk does “zero market research.”  Instead, he relies on his gut instincts. The design and the utility value of the Cybertruck proves that for the umpteenth time he is right – consumers sometimes don’t know what they want until you give it to them. So far, the niche that Musk is targeting with the electric truck appears heavily wowed.