A 14-Year-Old KO’s Dr. Disrespect to Celebrate Ninja’s Adidas Sneaker Drop

A petty Twitter spat involving Ninja, DrDisrespect, and an Adidas sneaker was put to bed by the sass of fourteen-year-old streamer.

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Controversial Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect isn't keen on Fortnite streaming legend Ninja's Adidas Originals sneakers. | Source: Adidas/Ninja

  • Adidas and Ninja unveiled new collaborative sneaker design.
  • Streamer DrDisrespect was quick to voice his take on the Time In Nite Joggers.
  • 14-year-old streamer Ewok issues brutal Twitter take down.

Fortnite streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins announced with great fanfare that he was teaming up Adidas back during the summer. We’ve heard very little until yesterday when Ninja unveiled to the world his new collaborative Adidas sneaker.

Behold The ‘TIME IN’ Nite Jogger

Dubbed ‘Time In’ Nite Jogger, the sneaker leans quite heavily on the garish side of things with Ninja’s signature blue and yellow color scheme plastered all over.

The design takes a turn for the worse when rotated. Emblazoned on the inner quarter of the left shoe is Ninja in obnoxiously large yellow font, while the right shoe mirrors the design but with Time In stamped on it.

Ninja Adidas Sneaker Drops & DrDisrespect Taken Down By 14-Year-Old
Source: Adidas

As it all too familiar with these apparel collabs, Adidas has assigned some good old lore to what is essentially a bit of rubber, fabric, and mesh thrown together.

It’s all passion, dedication, and working towards your goals of becoming the most recognizable streamer on the planet by sheer graft alone – perfect timing and the small matter of a global phenomenon known as Fortnite notwithstanding.

The blurb reads;

Before his big break, Ninja put in 20K hours of streaming at his keyboard. He invested in himself when no one was watching, so he’d be ready for the moment when everyone would be watching. Breaking a streaming record while playing with some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities doesn’t happen by coincidence. It happens because of the late nights and early mornings. It happens because of the TIME IN.

For those interested, Adidas says the sneaker is available from Dec. 31.

DrDisrespect KO’ed By Ewok

As Ninja excited shared the design late yesterday, the internet was quick to voice their hot takes on the Time In Nite Jogger. Among them was the mustachioed and ever-irreverent Twitch star DrDisrespect.

The Two-Time, as he is referred to by his fan base, posted a picture of colorful children’s sneakers, adding in ‘Cute design.’ Not content with letting the Doc spoil his big moment, Ninja jumped in with ‘When’s your shoe coming?’

Ninja Adidas Sneaker Drops & DrDisrespect Taken Down By 14-Year-Old
Source: Twitter

Shortly afterward, Fourteen-year-old streamer Soleil ‘Ewok Wheeler jumped to Ninja’s defense, striking DrDisrespect where it hurts most.

Ninja Adidas Sneaker Drops & DrDisrespect Taken Down By 14-Year-Old
Source: Twitter

For the unversed, her tweet referenced a rather unfortunate episode at E3 this year, where DrDisrespect landed himself a Twitch ban for streaming inside a public bathroom.

So there you have – a petty dispute over a sneaker resolved by the sass of a fourteen-year-old.

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