Taylor Monahan

MyCrypto.com, an open-source tool for generating cryptocurrency wallets, is currently running a campaign to raise awareness of crypto security best practices. Every day in December, they’ve published a new security tip.

Those who share the tips on social media are entered into a drawing for a variety of prizes, including hardware wallets and other crypto related gear. The tips range from things like “google yourself” to instructions on how to secure a Github repository.

A new security tip is released each day of December, and every entrant can enter five times per day.

A total of 15 winners will be chosen, according to their announcement, and the prize packages are as follows:

(10 Packages):

  • One Hardware Wallet (Ledger Nano S or Trezor Model T or KeepKey)
  • A mystery pack of shirts from all #MyCryptoWinter partners
  • TheBitcoinPodcast’s new book “Can You Describe Bitcoin/Ethereum/Blockchain in 10 words or less?”
  • A mystery pack of stickers from partners

(5 packages):

  • A mystery pack of shirts from MyCrypto partners
  • A mystery pack of stickers from MyCrypto partners

They note that other prizes will be announced as the month goes on. There are 12 days left to enter, for a total of up to 60 entries per person.

CCN asked MyCypto’s Taylor Monahan what gave her the idea for this initiative, and she told us:

At MyCrypto we have to be very privacy-minded, and we want to do our best to help our users and the community learn how to be privacy-minded as well. With the natural business slow-down during the month of December (and the literal crypto winter), we thought that developing a calendar with actionable security tips each day might be a fun way to lift spirits, keep people entertained throughout the month, and help folks learn more about security. Plus, winning prizes is nice!

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