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10 Ways Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Bad to The Bone

Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:43 PM
W. E. Messamore
Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:43 PM

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, possibly the most overrated politician in U.S. history, is nothing new to politics and she’s no reformer either.

She is supposed to represent hope and reform and millennials bringing some of their warmth and earnestness to politics, but she is actually politics as usual.

I don’t know about you, but when I see Washington politicians like AOC and like Donald Trump saying they want the Fed to keep “printing” even more money, and then go and call themselves the servants of the people or whatever — it just reminds me I need to make some more cash fast to buy crypto quick before these pols loosen the Fed’s sphincter so wide the entire monetary regime slips through their fingers.

Sorry for the visual.

Below is a list of facts about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Mostly it’s AOC in her own words, her own tweets, her own interview answers. How can sharing someone’s own words be character assassination?

Or assuming it can be, those most be some pretty damaging things the politician said!

And people have a right to talk about it. Especially since AOC has been delegated the power to vote over people’s finances and how markets are governed.

1. Shady

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is doing what Washington’s been doing for decades. | Source: Alex Wong/Getty Images/AFP

The shady or crooked politician is one of the oldest tropes in politics.

Think of Hillary Clinton who cheated at the DNC primary contest  and in the general election, or Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz whose close friend and staffer stole from Congress . Think of crooked Richard Nixon, and Alexander Hamilton with his shady financial schemes.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fits into this mold, just another shady, crooked politician.

Her henchman is about to get away with a $1 million finance scandal.

Experts are saying  it wasn’t illegal, but it was shady.

2. Clueless

Politicians are often clueless about the real world.

The way they view the world every problem needs a legislative solution.

They think they can centrally plan the world. But they often know every little about what they think they can design better by force of law.

Vacuous, ill-informed statements Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made on a number of subjects ranging from Israel and Palestine, to proposals in her Green New Deal show how little Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really knows about what she imagines she can design.

3. Elitist

One of the things people like least about powerful federal politicians like President Barack Obama, State Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President George H. W. Bush is their elitism.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s elitism and privilege has been conspicuously on display since her shock win of the Democratic primary against Rep. Joe Crowley. It’s tweets like this:

4. Alarmist

Still from V for Vendetta / Warner Bros.

Politicians are inveterate alarmists, always with their hands full of costly, radical legislative solutions in search of problems. They tell us the big lie to get us to give up our freedoms.

The big lie is the super exaggerated threat that people are too embarrassed to believe anyone would lie about, but it’s pretty worn out in 2019.

That hasn’t stopped AOC from making dire global warming predictions.

She says , “The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.”

5. Dishonest

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a sitting U.S. congresswoman who recently got into a public spat with a private citizen, Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr. on Twitter, something Democrats considered unseemly of Donald Trump after becoming president.

Amid her skirmish  with the pastor and private university owner, the congresswoman tweeted a link to a video of Falwell speaking at a conference with the year wrong which completely changes the context for what his remarks were referencing, a dishonest tweet.

6. Ridiculous

One of the things that never ceases to amaze news junkies is how ridiculous politicians can be. Things like Nancy Pelosi saying they would have to pass the bill so we could find out what is in it . Or Elizabeth Warren triumphantly releasing that DNA test .

When Ben Shapiro challenged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to a debate, she ridiculously compared it to cat calling a woman on the street. Hilarity ensued:

7. Unscrupulous

alexandria ocasio-cortez green new deal
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to run up the planet’s credit cards to pay for her plans. | Photo: REUTERS / Joshua Roberts

One of the worst things about politicians is how unscrupulous they are. They are so ambitious, so power hungry and glory seeking.

They’ll run over anyone to accomplish their ambitions.

They seem to have very little regard for the seriousness of the measures they take and the often devastating unintended consequences of their half-baked interventions.

It’s ironic because they’re always saying to think of the children, but that’s exactly who they kick the can down the road to, the children who grow up in greater debt each year. That’s why politicians kiss babies. They know that’s who’s paying for all their bright ideas.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is no different than these unscrupulous politicians, only she’s worse. She wants the government to print even more money  to saddle the children with even more debt to pay for her pet programs.

8. Menacing

Politics is a very dirty, very predatory business full of threats and warfare.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wasted no time showing her threatening side to Donald Trump Jr.

It reminds me of when President Obama menacingly told Rep. Peter DeFazio , “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother,” after DeFazio voted against Obama’s spending bill.

9. Arrogant


There’s something about politics that attracts extremely arrogant people.

I can see why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be arrogant, beating a senior U.S. congressman for his seat in his own primary before the age of 30, but boy she sure is.

10. Meddling

alexandria ocasio-cortez bloomberg bernie sanders
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders’ telegenic protégé, has won near Trumpian levels of attention | Source: Win McNamee / Getty Images / AFP

Meddling politician is a redundancy.

It’s what politicians in a democratic society exist to do. They meddle in other people’s business. They take up other people’s time and money. They fix things that aren’t broken until they’re very badly broken. That’s pretty much what socialism is.

The saga of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez epic meddling in Amazon’s HQ2 resulted in billions of dollars to her community lost and now she’s hard back pedaling from the meddling.

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