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Paymium Partnership With Micropayment Provider Optelo Brings Bitcoin to 10,000 New Merchants

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
Yannick Losbar
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

micropaymentsEarlier this week, the merchant solutions provider Paymium, which ranks in a good position among the European leaders in its sector, announced a new partnership with the micropayment specialist Optelo. The new partnership expands the list of payment providers and gateways that integrate bitcoin on their platform by 10,000.

The announcement comes just weeks after a partnership between the trending French startup and established fashion retailer Showroomprive. Pursuing its European development, Paymium seems in a good position to cut the grass under the feet of its competitor Coinbase whose founder Brian Armstrong had officialized its entry into the European market earlier this month.

Optelo Adopts Bitcoin

As the historical micropayment actors are constantly observing the emergence of new payment methods like the recent ApplePay, the need to keep pace with consumers is one of the main reasons that leads to such partnerships, as Optelo CEO Nordine Ouriachi tells us:

“Optelo wishes indeed to propose the most extensive payment processing solution to its partners. We recently added Paypal payments to our existing bricks (IVR / Premium SMS, Credit Card, Internet and Mobile + Box). We are now pleased to offer bitcoin payments because it is totally in tune with the needs of our customers,  especially in the casual gaming area.”

The company already generates several million euros of transactions per month across its portfolio of large French accounts (the tutoring platform Kelprof.com, and company directory Annuaire.com, among others). Many peripheral services addressed to large-scale companies are also provided by Optelo: secretariat and conference call, push SMS, voice, call-tracking solutions and monetization directories. A good way to spread bitcoin adoption among this specific niche, in short.

Optelo is also part of the national french mail service «Groupe La Poste», whose French state holds a 70% stake. Can we see here a public interest in the crypto currency? Only the future will tell!

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